Sunday, May 30, 2010

History Of Lashari Tribe

MR. Kamran Lashari

ashari or Lasharie (Urdu: لاشاری) is a name of Baloch tribe in Balochistan and Sindh provinces of Pakistan.

Lasharis have also migrated and settled in UAE, Iran, Iraq and other places of the world. A distinction needs to be made between the Baloch and the Balochi people; the former being the race while the later being the people of Balochistan regardless of race.

In 1487 a great Baloch Kingdom was formed under Mir Chakar Rind's rule which however was later destroyed owing to a civil war between the Lashari and Rind tribes. Mir Ghulam Khan Lashari and Mir Chakar Khan Rind were leaders their tribes during the Baloch civil war.

After this war, the Lashari and rind tribe settled mostly in Sindh, Punjab and North West Frontier Province. Dera Ismail Khan in the NWFP and Dera Ghazi Khan. Also in [Thal Desert]] consisting on Muzaffargarh and Layyah etc. Specially in Tehsil Kot Addu, Jutwala Lashari, Kot Kareem Lashari, Head Lanjoo, Chah Nooray Wali Lashari etc. In Faisalabad, dist. Punjab are two examples of places where the Lashari tribe settled after the civil war.

According to their history Lashari tribe migrated with the Jilani Syeds from Baghdad, Iraq to Sindh. The Lasharis were named as Nangrejo by the Jilani Syeds. Nangrejo tribe is influentia in interior Sindh.

Another Lashari tribe with two major clans, Azam Khel and Kando Khel, are settled in Mianwali District of Southern Punjab. These tribes have inter married as well as with other Baloch tribes. Their extended families are settled in areas of Neengranwala in Faisalabad District and areas of Waan Bhachran and Pai Khel, Mianwali District. Sardar Muhammad Ali Khan Lasharie heads the Azam Khel clan. Nowadays in D G Khan mostly landlord lashari are living in Kot Mubarak in Basti Derwaish Lashari and good personality in this basti is Sardar Ghulam Abbass Khan lashari(three brothers sardar Ghulam Abbass khan, Mureed khan, sabir khan, with their cousin Safdar khan s/o sardar faiz khan lashari) s/o Sardar Allah Dad khan Lashari. Lashari


  1. The Lashari is the Large Tribe in Pakistan .

  2. Sir tu mara hy bogosh k lashari sardar naam che botha?
    ghulam khan lashari ya mir ghuram khan lasari

  3. Its very true that looks can deceive, when i saw the picture of the writer i thought this article must be a very literary one. However soon i found out that almost every thing in the article is wrong and misleading.
    The head of the lashari tribe was not Ghulam its (Gwahram). The lashari's used to live in Lashar presently in south east Iran, and the name of the tribe is taken from the place where they used to live. Secondly balochi is not the name of the people its the name of the language spoken by baloch people.

  4. please write the name of koroin khan lashari the cheif of all lashari

  5. considerable population of Lashari baloch tribe is in Distt Jhang Teh 18 Hazari in Muza Lashari and Muza Sultan Lashari

  6. considerable population of Lashari baloch tribe is in Distt Jhang Teh 18 Hazari in Muza Lashari and Muza Sultan Lashari

  7. sir my father says that there were no lashari tribe .because mir chakar khan rind had been died all lashari

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  8. Akbar Khan lashari from jalal pur pirwala Multan